Huh, Apple managed to break the initial OS update for iPhone 5s. Steve Jobs would never have let this happen. #sarcasm #sortof


My co-worker, noted Steve Jobs expert, "he would have never let this whole iPhone 5 fiasco happen" #appleprofitsup24% #genius


Stubbed my toe- owch.. This NEVER would have happened if Steve Jobs was still in charge!!!! -the world.


Queue the “…would never happen if Steve Jobs was here.” regarding the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney.


Steve Jobs would have never allowed the iPad Mini to be released with a 2 year old processor and no retina display. #failboat


Looks like those "Steve Jobs would never allow this!" people can _finally_ shut their pie holes now


So glad Apple fired Scott Forstal. He thought he was Steve Jobs. He’s no Jobs. Jobs would never have released ios6 maps.


Steve Jobs would never hold someone accountable For mistakes” — statement I have not YET seen but fully expect to before too long.