If you ever catch yourself saying, “Steve Jobs would never have done that”, you should go smack yourself on the head with something heavy.


Holy! Sinofsky out from Microsoft! This would never have happened if Steve Jobs were still alive! :P


iOS6 "maps" is as bad as it's reputation. Just looked at it 1st time. Laughable in comparison. Steve Jobs wld never had let this out!


The success of iPad Mini proves once again that Steve Jobs was wrong. He would have never approved it in his lifetime..


If it wasn't for republicans like Mitt Romney , iphones wouldn't have ever been invited, steve jobs would have never made "Apple"


My iPhone can't download any new apps anymore because it's too old school. This is bs Steve Jobs never woulda let this happen


Steve Jobs never would have released a Mac with interface lag. Except for every PowerBook G4 and PowerMac G4.


That is some of the worst shtick I've ever heard. Steve Jobs would've never created the iPod if he knew such hacks would broadcast on it.